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Clinical Information System Evaluation Implementation Scale

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The Clinical Information System Implementation Evaluation Scale (CISIES)

The Clinical Information System Implementation Evaluation Scale (CISIES) is now two measurement instruments:

[New] The Clinical Information System Implementation Evaluation Scale Pre-measure (CISIES-Pre) and

The Clinical Information System Implementation Evaluation Scale Post-measure (CISIES-Post)

Both CISIES are 37 item measurement instruments to evaluate user satisfaction with the implementation of a clinical information system (CIS), whether a small “departmental” CIS, clinical module of an electronic health record (EHR) or an entire EHR.

The CISIES-Pre can be from 90-30 days pre go-live of the implementation of a CIS. 

The CISIES-Post can be administered from 30-90 days post CIS implementation.

The two measures can be used together to allow more power (the ability to detect relationships between variables) with smaller numbers of subjects. 

The CISIES can be used for formative purposes, to adjust on-going implementations, or summative purposes, to assist in judging the relative success of an implementation. 

The CISIES-Pre can also be used as a readiness for implementation measure.

The CISIES instruments can be “two arrows in your quiver” of a “many arrow” more comprehensive evaluation of a CIS implementation that also evaluates CIS performance, other organizational factors and clinical outcomes.  Or they can be used as a starting point for your CIS evaluation efforts.

    There is no charge for use of either CISIES instrument.  Our intent is to provide all the information you need to administer the CISIES and score and interpret CISIES data on this web site.

     We will do our best to answer simple questions about the CISIES you may have, also free of charge.  Should you need more assistance in your CIS evaluation, please click on Gugerty Consulting, LLC on the navigation bar on this page. 
    We hope the CISIES may be of assistance in your effort to use health information technology to improve clinical care.


Types of clinical information systems that have been evaluated using the CISIES and its precursors are:

Clinical Documentation Systems
Critical Care Clinical Information systems
Anesthesia Information Systems
Perianesthesia Information Systems
Barcode Computer Medication Administration


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